November 8th – a big, big day in many ways

Well, its Tuesday November 8th.  A big day for all of us.  A day that hopefully will start healing.   Oooooooh, you thought I meant the election?   No, no, no. I meant the day I get the cast on my leg.  (Make Anne’s foot great again!)

It will be a long day.  8-9 hours each way in a car with 3 dogs……

Because of that, I am planning ahead by stocking up with dog treats and rawhide bones.  While at the store, I saw 3 cute stuffed animal toys for the dogs.  $1.98 each.  So 3 toys in 3 colors.  They were so excited; running and jumping around with them.  I left the room and when I cam back one was shredded with the ‘guts’ all over the rug.



I worked on a confession.


Seriously, there is no way he could do something bad.



I tried all my interrogation techniques, and he just laughed at me:



This is what Murray did when he thought the pink toy was his:



Then when he woke up, he had a hard time deciding just what he wanted to eat….fullsizeoutput_3872


I have done a lot research on fitness.  This seems to be a very good tip:




While you are waiting for pictures and info on my cast, please go ahead and vote.  That’s important too.

One step at a time,



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