Off to the Races!

Im sorry for the late and oh, so short post today.  Last night, I fell asleep at 7:00!  It was actually a good thing because I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.  The night before a race I am always playing the race in my mind, worrying, etc.

So this morning I am packed  pretty much packed.


99% of that is running stuff.  HUH?  Only a runner would understand……   There are a lot of ‘what ifs’ when preparing for a race.

Unfortunately, someone knows that I’m leaving.  How do they do this?  Dog ESP?  I think the cats know too, but they could care less…..


Note:  The tennis ball is no longer important.  He believes there is a direct correlation between how close the nose is to the door, to how likely he’ll get to go.

So I am off – first time I’ve gone to a race alone.  Maybe its good.  I can practice my mantras the whole 3 hours.  Or not.



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