Olympics, Friendship, and Keeping Warm

I wish I could put an audio on this blog so you could get a true concept of the wind on this mountain.  You would understand how I wonder if the roof is going to come off or the big windows will blow out.  I thought I heard thunder one night, but when I asked my friend Sherri if she had heard it she told me they sleep with earplugs or a pillow over their head!

So the day started windy but it also hit 61º  by lunchtime.  Then the clouds started rolling in and by mid afternoon the temperature was down to 18º and the snow arrived.


Banjo sought cover from the storm.  It’s hard to tell, but he was giving me a “I’m  miserable” look.


Did you watch the Olympic Marathon Trials?  This is the first time I’ve seen them.  I got interested because I had read some interesting articles about these women and wanted to see how it turned out.  If you didn’t see it, the best part for me was to see the front two runners, Amy Cragg and Shalene Flanagan.  They were training partners but even more than that – they were there for eachother.  The last 4 miles or so, Flanagan started failing but Cragg kept checking with her…talking and encouraging her….and staying with her.  Only at the end did Cragg leave and run ahead.  Flanagan came in 3rd so she will be in the Olympics with Cragg.  Here is a picture of when she crossed the finish line and Cragg caught her.


Wow.  I found myself standing in front of the t.v. and really felt the teamwork and strong friendship they had built.

Speaking of friendship, Moose has a new one.  He hasn’t let it out of his sight   mouth since I gave it to him.


Oh yea, right there.


To all of you and all of my family in the east, stay inside and be safe during this horrible weather!



Are you ready for Valentine’s Day or do you ignore/dislike it?

When you watch Elite runners, does it encourage or discourage you?
          Definitely encourages and motivates me.


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