One Day at Home and Then Off to Hawaii!

Here was my view this morning.

We are in Maui!

How exciting is this!  I know you are saying “doesn’t she ever stay home?”  or “Now where is she?”  “Is she super wealthy or what?”

My response is  1) yes, sometimes; 2) Seeking warmth; and 3) far, far from it.

Lets back up.

Last fall, my oldest sister Marcia and her husband said they were heading to their timeshare in Maui and invited us to join them.  Uhhhhh.    Hmmmm…  Do we want to ?  We made our reservations immediately before they could withdraw their invitation.

After returning from Oregon, I had one day home before leaving again.    Boy, did we fill that one day.  Unpacking and laundry.  My last physical therapy appointment and driving the dogs to the kennel. Then packing again.  Happily I was packing things like flip flops, swimsuit, shorts and suntan lotion!

We all arrived in the late afternoon and I received a beautiful plumeria lei from Marcia.  Then after getting our car we headed to the west side of the island.

Once we got to the resort, we found that our place was named after Patient Husband.

Our evening was fun – filled with laughter.

We all agreed to make this a truly relaxing vacation.  No alarms, no strict plans.

What we didn’t expect was that our first full day in Maui would consist of a trip to Costco, a trip to Safeway, and a trip to Urgent Care.  Marcia woke up in the middle of the night itching all over.  That turned into a terrible case of hives.  Hopefully, the shot she got and doses of benedryl will help her be rash-free tomorrow.

We did get to see Elvis – live – right from our balcony.

(He actually looked and sounded just like Elvis!)

Also on our balcony, we found “the door to nowhere”…..


I am very excited because tomorrow morning with be my very first morning to try alternating walking with running.  I can’t wait.  Can any of you start with me?   Just start with a 1/2 mile.  Walk briskly, then start to run.  Pick an object such as a telephone pole, fire hydrant, end of the block, or a particular tree.  Then run as slowly as possible (no reason to run fast and get discouraged right away) to that spot and then walk.  As you are walking, pick the next spot to run to.

Try to do this with me!

You might even see something awesome or unusual.

neLets do this – one step at a time,



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