Our first full day on the Cape.

Cape Cod is fabulous!  At our dinner last night I had a cup of Lobster Bisque – it was to die for.  Just the beginning of some great food this week.  This morning started out with quite a nice long walk around the streets and down to a beach.  We are all in awe of the homes here.  And I love the shingle sidings and the gardens.  This, for instance:


This is the cute little road our house is on:


And this church chimes at every hour:


Because  we are here before the true tourist season the beach we found looked like this.


No crowds; and soft, warm sand for ‘the sisters’  to put their toes in.   I wonder if under all those layers of clothes, they have on teeny, tiny, bikinis?



We spotted seals close by as well as fishing boats.



We walked by this sign and we’re still not quite sure….



Then it was time for brunch at the Captain’s Table.  We knew it was going to be special when they served our coffee in these cups.



The special today? Blueberry french toast casserole.  Amazing.  We will be back.



Then the rest of the day was walking, shopping, walking, shopping.  This was my purchase today.  I had to have it.



The frozen yogurt shop was asking   demanding us to enter.  The contest was who could create the heaviest delight.   This was lunch.


The evening was spent planning out tomorrow’s adventure!


And this is because there just always has to be that one who has to push the rules:



Keep on moving,



3 thoughts on “Our first full day on the Cape.

  1. Anne, Thank you for sharing this with us.. You as always look amazing.. I am having my morning coffee with you and I so needed this today.
    Enjoy you trip…:)

  2. The Cape is a very special place and it obviously agrees with the Sisters. Wait till you see more of it…….you might not wanna leave so soon. Hope the weather stays perfect!!! Enjoy your time there Anna!!! Miss you.

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