Pre-Op, Post-Op and all the In-Between

I’ll try to bring you up to date now.  Thats what happens when I have a limited number of digits that can type!

Wednesday morning we were supposed to be at the hospital at 8:30 so of course we were there shortly after 7:30.  I convinced PH that it wouldn’t bother me if he had coffee and breakfast so we wasted some time in the cafeteria again.  X-ray done on the right hand (it was operated on in January) and then off to pre-op. Things seemed to be running late, but around 11:30  the surgeon explained that he wanted to take out the metal plate and some bone spurs in the right hand.   So off I went to surgery for both hands.


Done.  Wrapped tight.




So after meeting with some wonderful nurses in post-op, I was finally able to go home by 6PM.  I received some lovely parting gifts.

A stylish, classic black, over the shoulder, pain pump..


attached to my shoulder by an I.V.

And then, knowing my competitive personality, an “Incentive Spirometer” to keep testing and improving my breathing.




Then all I remember is going to bed at my sister’s house with one arm that was more like a dead fish hanging from my left shoulder (thanks to a nerve block) and one completely numb right hand.


Everything seemed to go fine the next day until we went to the 1:30 PT appointment.  Well I guess  violently hurling into a plastic grocery bag in a gas station parking lot wouldn’t be considered fine.  Ewwww.  I hoped the stick of gum helped when I met Anna, the Physical Therapist.  She built me a splint and re-wrapped everything.



Then re-stocked with anti-nausea medicine, we were allowed to go home.  I’m pretty sure I slept the 8 hour drive home.  Hopefully Patient Husband didn’t.

And now all of us, critters included, are settled at home.

I hope you all have fun labor day weekend plans.  And to Kim – good luck on your Triathlon!!!

One step at a time,


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