Preparing for the Weekend

Ahhh the weekend is here!   Before I can enjoy the weekend though, I have a spring cleaning chore that I have been putting off since last spring (or was it 2013?).  You may be wondering why you see this in my kitchen.


It is my own subtle way to remind me that I must clean/organize our pantry.

I had to ban PH* (Perfect Husband)  from shopping without adult supervision.  You see, he’s kinda like a hoarder.  If 2 packages of rice is good, 32 is even better.



Well, not really, but I had my work cut out for me.  I put on my protective gear and dove in.  A little while later, things were back to normal.



Murray found a protected location to watch me.


Then, in the mail I got a new training halter for my horse.  I’m very excited.   Its called a hybrid halter because its a combination of two types of halters.   I tried it on Durango and he was  reluctant     very willing to model it for me.

IMG_2391 IMG_2388

Isn’t he just the prettiest thing?  Hopefully we’ll be able to test it out soon.

Jake and I got very comfortable and took a little nap.



He loves to cuddle.


I Keep the puppies outside as long as I can to avoid puddles.  Note how Luna plays dead.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful outside, so I am hoping to go for a run on a new path.

I am going to try a new workout today called “The Full Body Dumbbell Workout”.  At first I thought this was perfect for me, as a dumbbell, I could use a full body workout.   I will let you know what I think and share it with you.


I hope you have a nice weekend.  If you go shopping, remember these words:




Are you putting off chores?

What plans do you have for the weekend?


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