Race and Raceday Recap

Sunday morning both my alarms went off at 4:15 a.m.  I jumped out of bed and was ready to go.

IMG_0042Are you impressed with my selfie?  Now you see why you rarely see pictures of me in my blogs!  My pre-race breakfast was 1/2 a plain bagel with a little peanut butter and 1/2 a banana.  I may have put some peanut butter on that too.  Then just water.  I was craving my morning coffee but decided to omit it today.  Oh and a couple of never-leave-behind-immodium.

I had about a 1/2 mile walk to the gathering area and was told to try to be there around 5:30. So I left, putting my suitcase in my car and hiking to the fairgrounds.


The weather was brisk – around 47º but good for running.  Once at the fairgrounds we were bussed to the start line.  The way-too-anxious people like me got on the first bus.  We arrived at the start line (in the woods) at 6 a.m.  The race started at 8:00.  Two hours of shivering, knee caps rattling.


Everyone just kept walking up and down the trail to stay warm and if there was a spot of sunshine, we’d all crowd into it.  This is how the entire trail looked.  My first time off of pavement and I loved it.

Like a fool, I didn’t think I should stop and take the time to get some pictures of the fantastic views.  I mean that could increase my time!  I know – next time stop and share, right?  I will tell you that we ran through pine forests that would open up to meadows and streams.  Just amazing.  I’ve already decided to go back again for a hike someday.

I didn’t break any of my record times but I really enjoyed the race.  Afterwards, there was chocolate milk (the best after a run), watermelon, oranges, bagels, pretzels and probably more.  As a matter of fact the volunteers had brought fruit and bagels to the start line, too.  The organization of this race was awesome.

My cell phone died as I crossed the finish line so I got a very nice person to take my  picture and send it to me.


After the bus ride to the fairgrounds, I hiked back to my car.  I resembled a crippled old woman who had swollen feet and had to pee really bad.  It was a long 1/2 mile.


So there you have it.  Another successful race for me.  It’s number 5 in 5 states.  Oh….my time?  You really want to know?  2:19 and out of 39 women in my age division, I was number 8.  Not so bad.    Oh and did I tell you, my nephew ran 50 miles?  I still cannot get over that.



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