Radio Silence During a Scare, But All is Good

Wow.  How was that for a week of radio silence?  First let me start out by saying that everyone is home and healthy today.  Now shall we go back almost a week and bring you up to date?

When I last posted it was the day we brought my daughter Amanda and baby Finn home. (Sunday the 2nd).  When she got up Monday morning she said she had been having trouble breathing all night.  Off to the ER we went  and after tests, it was decided they needed to get her to a hospital in Portland (a 3 hr. ambulance drive).  Of the 4 of us,  Finnegan was the only one not terrified.  Friday, after 4-1/2 days of amazing care, she was much better and able to come home.  A huge scare for all of us.

The OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University Hospital) campus is huge.  Very very impressive .  On the way to the cardiac unit, this is what I saw.  Super intimidating.

And now Mom and Dad are able to get some long awaited sleep, and I get snuggle time with Finn.



When we were in Portland, my sister came up to see us.  She and I walked to dinner and timed it perfectly to see the fireworks afterward.  I tried numerous times to get a pic without the blur.  It was not happening.


We also saw a bookshop where the whole outside wall looked like this:


The next morning we needed to grab some essentials at Target.  We then grabbed some breakfast at the adjoining Starbucks.  Not my favorite coffee shop, for sure, but sometimes they are so convenient.  We sat and people-watched.  And oh – the people we watched…   There were a few that I am sure were straight out of The Walking Dead casting.


Something I DO like to look at?   Baby toes.


And just a shamrock on a baby butt.


And if you are wondering about all the critters at home,  Jack is keeping a careful watch over all.


The weather has been amazing since I arrived.  I hope to finally get a run in tomorrow orrrrrrr  maybe today.  🙂

One step at a time,


Nana  Anne

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