Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today was definitely a ‘walking in the rain’ day.  Because it rained all day, so there really wasn’t an alternative.  Well, dancing in the rain I guess.  But no one wants to see two old people from Wyoming dancing down Duvall Street.

We were in Islamorada at 8:00 am to meet Jim and Betty for breakfast at Mangrove Mikes.  Lots of old high school catching up for the guys and lots of good laughs.  Then off towards Key West we went – in the rain.  This was my view today.


We unloaded our stuff into our motel room and took off walking.  If I calculated right, we walked somewhere around 5 miles today.  In fact I got a small catch in my left hip joint which makes me very nervous.  I took some Motrin and prayed it wasn’t something to worry about.  We stopped for coffee at Banana Cafe (don’t you love these names?) and exchanged pleasantries with  Maryann from Delaware who stated they haven’t seen sun in 9 days.  She will be here till April and wished me luck in my race.


Then as we continued one of our favorite hobbies – people watching, across the street walked an old friend of mine from the Sheriff’s Dept. in Asheville!!  It was great to see Cynthia and Keith.

I did notice that all the birds here co-mingle.  Pigeons, seagulls, chickens, roosters and pelicans all hanging out together.  A couple of my favorite locals.

IMG_1268 IMG_1270

There was a cruise ship docked at Mallory Square.  That’s the closest I’ve been to those huge monstrosities.  Just sending a hint to my son who WORKS on one………


We finished our evening at “El Meson de Pepe”, the absolute best in Cuban food.  It was made especially fun by our waiter, Augustus with stories about Cuba.  I see another meal from there before we leave!


Then there were these $6 cookies as big as your head.


We just looked.

Lots more walking and eating and people watching planned for tomorrow.  And probably drinking coffee and watching the rain.

Secretly trying not to worry about my hip,



Have you ever been to the Keys?  Have a favorite place there?

Are you a people watcher?




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