Random Things on Wednesday

Got up this morning and with a little encouragement, I was out the door for a run.  I did 5 miles but what was different was that the first 3 miles were extra fast for me.  But because I started out fast the last 2 miles seemed hard even though I’m happy with the time.

Distance           Pace
1.0 mi.            08:36 min/mi
2.0 mi.            08:24 min/mi
3.0 mi.            08:53 min/mi
4.0 mi.            09:17 min/mi
5.0 mi.            09:45 min/mi

After the run and after feeding the horses, it was breakfast time.  PH (Patient Husband) served up a yummy omelet.  He has really gotten good at making them since we’ve been on the diet.  Plus, can you imagine coming in after a run and having breakfast made?  Awesome.



Update on the doodle training:  Not much improvement today on the housetraining.  About the same.  But I have found the first problem with having two puppies.  When you find a puddle on the floor, there is no way to know who did it!  I found myself saying “ok, who did this?”   Thank goodness no one was around to hear me saying that.

But, here is a biggie, I have taught Jake who is only 8-1/2 weeks old to sit!  Yea, I knew you’d be impressed.  All it took was a few biscuits and  1/2 a pot roast.



Subscribing problems:

I have been working all day on trying to fix the subscription part of this blog.  I have been told by several people that when they entered their email to subscribe, it never worked.  I can’t have that!   So I have installed another program.  So if all   five    the thousands of you who couldn’t get it to work – PLEASE try again.  Then if there is still a problem, let me know.


While I’ve been working with the dogs and screaming at my computer,  Murray has taken complete control of my remote.



I hope you are having a good week so far!





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