Ready for the weekend !

Well we made it through another week.  Do you feel a sense of accomplishment or that you barely dragged your way through?  If you are one of those dragging,  try to thing of one thing that you want to accomplish next week and work on that goal.  It can be that simple to make you feel better.  I try to set a minimum goal and grander goal.

This week I wanted to get some last minute Christmas ideas ordered.  Done.    And then the bigger goal was to get the packages to all the kids packaged and mailed.   Done – well the last two will go off tomorrow morning.

Next week?  The minimum is to get all my cards out in the mail.  The bigger one – I’m not settled on.  It’ll depend on how my weekend goes!

When I woke up this morning, all three dogs were sitting at the glass doors to the patio.  This is what got their attention.

Amazingly, none of them barked.  Just an occasional whine.



I had two busy days at work and the best part was that I had no pain in my hands nor in my foot.  Although I can walk faster in my cast now, I still look pretty funny hobbling around.  Then today I graduated from my Physical Therapy on my left hand.  My grip and flexibility is really back to normal.  I have to continue to strengthen my wrist as it hurts to lift any weight (i.e. heavy dishes, packages, etc.)   So my graduation came with parting gifts.

Two straps of different strengths, putty, instructions for the followup exercises and a ‘finisher’s t-shirt’!

It sure makes me ready for another race t-shirt!

Next, I had my hair appointment.  You know, so that my natural blonde hair can be touched up.  I always look forward to this appointment. Lots of fun conversation with all the girls and of course Heather’s pampering is always nice.  And of course the great scalp massages….


I love this saying that they have up on their wall:


I have to be thankful for PH being my chauffeur all this time.  Every ride to and from work as well as every errand I need to run.  Today he drove me to PT and then to my hair appointment.  He will be as glad as I will be to get this cast off!

When he picked me up,  Luna tries to squeeze into the same space that Gus always claims.   A double-header.


Have a great weekend.   Have you got plans?  Will this be a relaxing weekend or one filled with need-to-do chores?

Mine will be a little of both.

One step at a time,


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