Reviews, Rewards, and a Little Nature Thrown In

One thing I wanted to tell you about was a  review I did during the race on racedots.  They are super strong (seriously!) magnets that hold your running bib to your shirt.  IMG_2653

The owner of racedots advised me to practice using them before raceday.  I did, well sorta.  I put two on a shirt with an old bib and they seemed great.  No more safety pins, no more holes in your tech shirts.


So back to Sunday morning.  I put all four on.  It wasn’t too hard although if you had someone to help hold the bib or shirt flat it would be super easy.  So I was all set.  Then I bent over to double-tie my laces on my shoes.  The top magnets attached themselves to the bottom magnets. My bib was almost bent in half.  Not going to work.

I ended up using the magnets on the top of the bib and the safety pins at the bottom.  I just didn’t want to have to think about problems if I adjusted my shoes/laces or went to the bathroom etc.  I will say that these racedots are super strong and didn’t move during the race at all.  I am not giving up and thinking maybe next time (with assistance)  I wear the bib higher up – closer to the chest than near the waist.  I have to admit I got giggly when taking them off because if you lay the magnets on a table, they will leap across the table to cling to their other half.

Although last night my legs and hip were somewhat tight, today I feel fine.  I will try to get out and run a little in the next few days.

Oh I might have been a day late on getting my race reward – a DQ blizzard – but it tasted just as good as I dreamed.



Here is a little bit of Wyoming nature I found in the back yard.  Mama pronghorn antelope and her newborn.



Cowboys running some horses up our road.  Its nice that they brought all different colors for me to look at.DSC_0003

So I have this ugly runner’s toenail.  I am going away in 10 days to be with my 3 sisters.  Do I get a pedicure and subject the poor girl to my half-toenail?   Help me please.

I really got a kick out of this.


Wednesday its back to work.  I think I still have a job…..

Keep moving.  Even with ugly toes.



Do you get pedicures with ugly toes or feet?
    I’ll let you know when you help me decide.

Do you reward yourself after completing a goal?

If so, what is it?
Usually ice cream or pizza or maybe….both.

What’s your favorite blizzard flavor?
Butterfinger with some nuts thrown in.




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