RUN? I thought you said RUM!

Today was packet pick-up day.  A very important day for a runner.  But first lets go to breakfast.  It was at the infamous and fabulous Blue Heaven.  I had a mimosa (or was it two?) and then a super meal.

IMG_1284 IMG_1283

Thanks to Kenny and whoever else donated all the mugs there.


Now some things that I noticed in Key West that is different than anywhere else:

  • People aren’t embarrassed to live in pink or purple houses
  • Streets are named things like “Banana Street”
  • There are chickens and roosters EVERYwhere
  • Grown men ride around on bicycles ringing those little bells the whole  time
  • IMG_1306
  • Things like this are for sale:
  • IMG_1303
  • And then there is this:


But please notice today’s blue skies!!!!


And a new friend:


Now here I am picking up my packet.


They gave us the best t-shirt ever.

IMG_1308 IMG_1307

And now I must sign off early.  I must get ready as much as I can because the alarm will go off way too soon.



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