running and cravings

I would really love to get outside and run again.  I am definitely a morning runner.  Not only can I find reasons not to run as the day goes on but I just don’t do as well.  The cold temperatures and darkness in the early hours don’t bother me.  I’ve gotten great cold weather clothes and lots of reflective gear – which includes flashing lights!  But in the darkness its still hard to see my footing and usually there is slush or ice or the dreaded black ice.  I constantly hear “you might break a hip”.  How come after 45 or so, no one worries about me breaking a wrist, or an ankle or leg – its always my hip……..

Tonight I got back on the treadmill and while listening to my new favorite podcast I finished 8.5 miles.  I feel good.  With a 1/2 marathon just a few weeks away I need to get some longer runs under my belt.  Its still hard when this is my view for 8-1/2 miles:


Now lets talk about cravings.  Sweets.  Any kind of sweets for me.  You know how you’ll hear someone say “it was too sweet”.  Never.  Never have I eaten something too sweet. The only control is not to put something with my reach. But I have been known to share.  “Here you can eat all the cake, – I just want all the frosting.   Anyway I think you will thoroughly enjoy this video.


So what do you crave? Do you have tricks to control them?

Do you have ways to make the treadmill tolerable?

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