Running, dogs and Christmas Lights

I put in 6.1 miles on the dreaded treadmill last night.  Usually I watch TV or listen to music, but I have found a fun podcast.  Its a true story narrated over several series – each about an hour long.  Perfect.

Tonight I took the dogs into town for some shopping and then we decided we wanted to go look at Christmas lights.  Gus was definitely into it.


My other dog, Moose, is blind but I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying it too.  First we went into Sheridan and saw the city lights.


Then we headed out of town.  Some homes were simple and subtle, and some were more elaborate.


Then like the Star of Bethlehem I saw a glow in the sky.  I followed it until we found this:


There was pretty house decorated behind this.  You’ll have to take my word for it.


Apparently in Wyoming, Santa uses horses instead of reindeer.


And then back home .


I hope you all get out and enjoy the Christmas lights and joy too.


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