Running, Driving, and Welcome to the World Little Finn!

I got up on Thursday morning and was ready to try the trails again.  This time I took Luna with me.

She was very leery of any obstacles that we might have to conquer.

But she did great, running along with me – almost too close.   I stopped again to take pictures of the wild flowers because Luna -and possibly me – needed to catch our breath.

Then, later in the afternoon, my daughter called to tell me they were taking her in to the hospital that day!  But I’m a 2-day drive away!  Obviously she could (and did) do quite well without me there, but I sooo wanted to be nearby.

There were a few hours of craziness:  how do I handle leaving a horse with a bandage on his foot and with 4th of July weekend starting – none of the kennels had room for 3 dogs, etc.   Luckily Patient Husband was able to change his flights so that he would arrive home Friday evening.   So Friday morning I hit the road with all my bags and a cooler of drinks and snacks for the 17 hour drive to Oregon.


Instead of fumbling to find the directions and hold and read them, etc., I just taped it to my dash.  Handy but kinda dorky-looking.  (Do people say ‘dorky’ any more?)

Time and miles actually flew by.  I had some old CDs of Garth Brooks, George Strait etc. that I sang along to (be very happy you weren’t there) as well as some podcasts and an audio book.  I was set.  Western Montana and the whole trip through Idaho is amazing.  Eastern Washington – not so much. I would have taken pictures for you but I was too focused on my destination to stop anywhere but gas stations and rest rooms.

But I did take a picture of my multi-state bug collection.


I also wanted to show you this unique cloud that was ‘feathered’ on both sides.  If you ignore the reflections and the bugs, you can see it.


As I was driving I was getting texts of the play-by-play  in the labor room.  And at 4:05 PM (Oregon time) little Finnegan Jack was born.  7 lbs. 6 ounces.

I drove until I made it across the Oregon line and to a hotel that had a vacancy.  14 hours of driving.  When I got up the next morning I found my shoes, suitcase and purse just 2 feet inside the door where I had dropped them before collapsing on the bed.

I had less than 3 hours on Saturday morning to drive to the hospital.  Everyone was tired and happy.  Look at these little fingers!


It’s so bright out here!

And everyone is home today trying to figure out schedules and the likes and dislikes of this little guy.  I don’t know if they’ve noticed or not, but he never cries when Nana is holding him……

One step at a time,







4 thoughts on “Running, Driving, and Welcome to the World Little Finn!

  1. I LOVE your directions taped to the dash! Mine would have been some snakey drawn lines of highways leading me there! Just wanted to say huge congrats to mom and dad and ‘Nana’ 🙂 Welcome baby Finn <3

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