Running not Whining

I do feel better today.  I worked my 1/2 day and came home.  But all I wanted to do was sleep.  So I headed for the couch.  For some reason I prefer the couch to the bed.  I mean, how can you resist this?


So 3 hours later (!!) I was awake and feeling much better.  After taking the dogs out and feeding the horses, I was ready to catch up on some emails and reading.  I find myself in the middle of several books.  Right now I’m reading ‘The Runner’s Brain’ by Dr. Jeff Brown and ‘Run Like a Mother’ by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Shea.  Then there are the stacks of Runners World, Womens Running and Women’s Health……


I tried a new hill workout on the treadmill  that I got from Janae on The hungry runner girl post.  You increase the incline from 1 to 4 over 15 minutes and then repeat that 4 times.  An hour on the treadmill and hills, too!  Felt really good  once I finished    to work out that hard.

I felt like breakfast for dinner, so I made my famous Egg Bake.  Well its famous throughout my home.  I have altered the ingredients so that it is healthier.  Because both of us need to be ‘heart healthy’, I use a vegan sausage as well as fat-free cheddar cheese.  Its SOOO yummy.


I’m feeling pretty satisfied tonight – no longer sound like James Earl Jones and  an hour long workout.

And now I want to show you 2 of my grandchildren, Alistair and  Ahnika, just because I can’t think of a cuter way to sign off…




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