Running Outside and Swim Lessons


Yesterday I actually went for a run outdoors!


I took all three dogs on a nearby trail into the canyon.  It began with a steep hill which I walked and called it my ‘warm-up’.  Last time I was here, it was a wide, dirt trail.   Evidently someone (a not-so-smart someone)  decided to drive up and back while it was solid mud.  And now, its a horrible mess.

Running without twisting an ankle became my first concern. The trail is a very gradual uphill grade so I ended up adding 15 second walks here and there.  The dogs didn’t seem to notice.


Yes, that’s a deer leg.


After turning around, The return trip was much easier.  Then it was time to ice our legs.


Jake doesn’t have much experience with water, so he wasn’t sure…


But Gus was having SO much fun.


Finally all 3 made it in.

Needless to say, they slept all evening.  It was a tough run to start out with.  Here are my excuses:   It was 7:00 in the evening; I had eaten supper beforehand, and the trail was uphill.  PHEW I feel better now with all those excuses backing me up.  But actually I was very proud that I went out at 7:00 with a full stomach on a rough trail, right?

When the snow was melting, I saw a pretty neat thing.  The thin layer of snow on the windshield slid down into a roll!


Although most of the snow has melted, we still have our snowdrift.  Its the first place the dogs run to.


Why is this extension cord on the melting snow significant?

Because it was attached to a Christmas spotlight that has been buried since early December.


Jake is trying to make a snow fort.


Oops I think he lost his watch.


Are you ready for the weekend?   I am.  This week  was so grueling.  I had to work


A little dramatic?


OK, maybe more like this:

Have a great weekend.

One step at a time,


2 thoughts on “Running Outside and Swim Lessons

  1. HI Anne,
    I’m Susan Zolandz – I graduated from high school with Ron. I so enjoy your blog! I started reading the posts that Ron copied and now seek it out.
    You do a great job and the photos of Wyoming and your vacations are fabulous.
    I’ve been reading your posts for months and felt that I needed to let you know – really hate the thought of being a voyeur.

    Hope you continue to heal and progress.


    1. Hi Susan! You have made my day! It’s so nice that someone might actually smile at my jokes (other than me) and enjoying my pictures. I hope you have figured out how to get my posts by email so you don’t have to search far for it. If you have any problems with that, let me know. Otherwise, Thanks for the very sweet note!

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