Running, Riding and Sunday Shopping

I was up early this morning.  Gotta get those two puppy dogs outside quick!  They slept great all night.  They both fit in one doggy bed and snuggled up together.   I Remember all my past experiences with puppies and they cried and whined  ALL night long. But here is a benefit of having two – they are not lonely!

A trip to town this morning because I needed two collars and two bowls.  That’s ALL I needed.  So why did I end up with this?




But what’s even more interesting is what I could have bought.  I really wanted them to have a new bed to be comfy in.  This….




or maybe this?



What if I want to take them for a walk?


What about when we want to sit outside and the patio is hot on their paws?


There might be times of high traffic on the mountain and we need to direct traffic:


We must all have our workout gear:


And don’t forget, they are very tiny so at night we might need this:


But today I was strong.  Oh so strong.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (I love saying that), it hit 70º today!   I took Gus up to the mountain trail for a run.  Unfortunately there were 8 cars already there so running with Gus “at large” was out of the question.  Off we went to a nearby dirt road and we put in a couple of miles.  BUT it was high noon.  What was I thinking?  No human can run in the middle of the day!  It was hard to tell who was panting harder…..



Then to top off the day we took out the motorcycles for the first ride of 2016.  We rode into town looking for a nice cup of coffee at a coffee shop.  Three coffee shops – all three closed.  Can someone out there open up a coffee shop in Sheridan Wyoming that is open on Sunday???

Oh well, it was a wonderful ride and made me think “Life is Good”.



Oh Wait!  You all want to see more baby pictures?   Of course.  I hate to disappoint.


This is how they sleep.   Awwwwwww



Hope your weekend was filled with good times, too.







One thought on “Running, Riding and Sunday Shopping

  1. What a great weekend! They are so cute together and I am wondering if we should of looked for two??? NO! That would be crazy…my husband would hit the roof! You have very persuasive powers!! Enjoy!

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