Running, Shopping, and Sightseeing in Wyoming

It was a beautiful morning today.  This  time of year it’s hard to decide what to wear when running.  So of course I wore too much.  I ditched the gloves on my front porch, tied my jacket around my waist at mile 3 and my hair was soaked under my hat.  Oh well I got through 5 miles pretty easily (avg. 9:21).

Today we took a ride south to Casper, WY.  The dogs are really starting to love these rides.


In fact it was a big day for them.  They both learned to jump out on their own and Jake followed Gus and jumped up into the car unassisted.  Up until this point we had to pick each of them up and load and unload.  I guess the big day was for me actually.

Its so nice to look out of the car window and see blue skies and green grass.


While in Casper, we had lunch at a favorite chinese restaurant.  The dogs thoroughly enjoyed our ‘doggie bag’ filled with chicken on a stick.



We went into a couple of stores with the agreement that we would only shop from the sale racks.  Huge sales.  Huge.  We tried to see who got the best deals, but it was a toss up.


Tonight I am making lists.  I’ve always done this.  So I started with a list of what I need to do before I leave on my trip; what I need to pack; things or directions that I need to print; etc. etc.   So much to do, so much to list.

So we are off an running through this week. Make a point to make someone smile today.


Any of you list-makers?

Do you love sales or avoid them?


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