Running Through It All

This is a tough night to write a light-hearted or even funny blog.  The insanity of last night’s massacre in Las Vegas has just knocked me for a loop.

But back in the Wyoming mountains this past weekend was a mixture fall and winter.    The leaves are changing but with temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s, I just don’t think they will be on the trees very long!

I was able to get in some runs on Saturday and Sunday.  It seems if I don’t get out and run 1st thing before breakfast, my chances of running dwindle with each hour that goes by.  I really admire those of you who actually run during your lunch hour or in the evening.   Where do you get your motivation?  Please share!

I have also been faithfully dong my IT Band exercises.  In fact I have been more sore the next day after these and wondering if that’s normal.  Shouldn’t it be feeling better?  I mean I have been doing them for 4 days!


The other day I saw the smallest cattle drive ever right outside my house.

One cowboy – one cow.

Yep.  That’s it.  Git along little dogies…..


Two days later on my way home from work I came around the corner ……..


I began my own Toyota round-up.


For the last few weeks I’ve been trying very hard to not eat anything after dinner.  No snacking.  Snacking is definitely my weak spot.


I have very successful.  Of course I find myself going to bed at 7:30………     If I’m sleeping, I’m not eating.  🙂

But thank goodness, it seems to be working.

I hope this week improves.  My heart is  broken when I think of how our world has become so violent and scary.  We have got to find an answer.

As always,

One step at a time




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  1. LOVED the cat on the leash, that would totally be my cat. The cow is hysterical and must have decided that there was no way he was going to be told where to go. I don’t understand the violence on this planet either…it’s all so very sad.

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