Running to near death, and taxes

Today started out with a very early appointment with the accountant to do our taxes.  This was my very first time taking my taxes to someone new.  You see, up until my Dad passed away last year at the age of 93, he did my taxes every year since I started to file my own taxes!  We thought we had everything in a concise package , but Sam’s (the accountant) comment was “Wow you have a lot of papers”.


But in no time, he sifted through it all and then we left.  Actually I think he kicked us out because our begging, pleading, and fake crying  for a refund was getting on his nerves.



Then our next stop was my appointment for a stress test.  Yea I know – I run 1/2 marathons.  But because of my family history it was decided to have this done so I could have a ‘baseline’ recorded.  In case you’ve never had the pleasure, let me describe the process.  First, they put all kinds of goo on your chest and ribcage.    It is meant to start the torture because I believe they took it straight out of the freezer.  Then they attach these stickers (I believe that’s the correct medical terminology) to the goo.  Then something goes around your waist,  and a blood pressure cuff.  Oh and did I mention I am wearing a hospital gown with NO running bra???????

I started out walking.  No big deal.  Then a little faster but still at a walk.  Then the incline.  Not bad.  Then more incline – really?  You think this is going to stress me?  I’m a runner, for God’s sake.   More incline, more speed.  Humpff.   So maybe its getting a little difficult.  Could that possibly be because you insist on making conversation?

More speed, and I believe the incline must have been at 80%  (apparently they thought I was spiderman.  Honest – I swear it looked like this.


And I looked vaguely like this!


So after about  one and a half hours   10 minutes,  I was done.   The final verdict?  I have a very strong heart with no signs of any blockage.  In between gasps for breaths, I thanked the good Doctor and assured him I would be back in a year to party like this again.  I’m thinking of writing the office and suggesting that they give out completion medals…..just sayin’.

I have a job tomorrow in a town about 1-1/2 hours from here.  We are currently under a winter storm warning.  Lovely.  4-6 inches with high wind warnings.   Ugh.  I can’t figure out why Patient Husband  d-r-a-g-g-e-d  me to Wyoming.  Oh I guess cuz I begged him to.



Oh well, I hope you all are storm and snow free.



Any of you ever had a stress test?  Did you find it easy or hard?

Are you having a repeat of winter too?



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