Running with no Power

I got up this morning ready for an outdoor run only to see the wind was blowing at 24 MPH. This is probably the only negative I have found so far of Wyoming. I decided to put off my run till later in the day. (You know how I love running late in the day – not!)

At 3:30 I head out the door, headphones in place and listening to my podcast once again. From the start it didn’t feel like a good run. Do you know what I mean? My face got very cold, my GPS was not working right (or the 2-minute mile I ran was awful easy),   So I decided 4 miles would be it. Although my energy level was draining fast, my views always remain awesome.


I had already made arrangements to call Patient Husband at home to pick me up when I was ready. As I pulled out my phone it had a message that battery was low and right at that moment my phone died! Funny how my power seemed to die with it. So there I am no power in the legs; no power in my phone.Image result for frantic on cell phone


Luckily, Patient Husband thought it was strange he hadn’t heard from me and headed out and picked me up slowly running back up the mountain towards home.

I have definitely learned my lesson and want to share with you the need to take that second to check your phone charge. If you are way out in the country or on a trail and you become injured (i.e. break a hip) or just run out of juice as I did, it is absolutely necessary to be able to call for help.

On to something a little more fun. Apparently I am one of the one percent of the population who has never seen even a single episode of Star Wars. Never thought I’d call myself a 1%-er. So tonight, some cookie baking


and watching The Phantom Menace.


Have you seen all the Star Wars episodes?

Ever been stuck without a cell phone?

What are you baking for Christmas?

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