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👀 I Can See Clearly Now!

I hope you have all had a great weekend.   I finally can see what I am doing at work and able to read the print on my computer.  After over a week of trying bifocal contact lenses, I realized I need to stick with the old ones I’ve always used – just a different prescription.  At one point seeing my hand in front of my face was a good thing!



And now with my clear vision, I was able to see some outstanding sunrises….


We have had some really cold nights.

Actually last night was a 3-dog-night.


I took the dogs out today with me.  They had a ball.  Somewhere down there, Gus is swimming.


There was something watching us from high on the mountain.


King of the Mountain!


After a few miles of fun, we jumped back in the car and headed home.  The inside of the car as well as Luna  had to be washed down.  The.mud.was.unreal.

I also got some t.v. binge watching done.  I watched the whole season of  “Big Little Lies”.  They are talking about doing a second season  – I sure hope so.   Then I watched several shows in a row of NYPD Blues.  I still think that is one of the best ‘cop’ shows of all time.  Plus I used to have a cranky partner just like Andy Sipowitz and of course who doesn’t like Jimmy Smits.









I also tried another new recipe.  It’s very fast to make – maybe 10 to 15 minutes.   It’s called Egg Roll without the Egg Roll!

The only thing I did differently was I used coconut aminos instead of the soy sauce (just a healthier version).

The big news of the week is that my daughter has accepted a great job offer across the state from where they live now. (Oregon)  They have to be there December 1st!  I am lucky to be able to go out and help them move or maybe just be there to hold baby Finnegan while they do all the work.  I can’t wait.   😍

Here’s to a great Monday.  Are you baking yet or just pulling out recipes?

One step at a time,





An Eye Opening Experience

I actually thought this was just going to be a normal Thursday morning.  The dogs needed to go out before the alarm went off.  The alarm went off before I wanted to get up.  Some people say the mornings are much brighter due to the time change.  I don’t see it. I see dark.

Anyway after the shower, I open up my contact case.  I can’t find the contact.  So I continue to swish my finger around and around – nothing.  Maybe it fell on the counter.  I lean over and look along the counter.  Oh and remember I am contact-less (aka blind).  Nothing.  So I put in the other contact, certainly that will help.  I start to put the case away when I spot it – hanging off the side of the case.  Thank goodness.   I pop it in.


If any of you have ever worn contacts you will understand the next few hours   seconds.  Tears are pouring out of my eyes as I try to pry my eyelids apart.  I can’t do it, let alone grab that contact.  Finally, I got that little sucker out.     Glasses were the look of the day.


This is the look I was going for:


This is the look I got:


So let’s talk Turkey Day.   No, not Thanksgiving, silly.  Turkey days.  Just passin’ through guys, just passin’ through.

The dogs were quietly whining, the cats were outside – but laying low, the horses, on the other hand were quite interested.  When the turkeys got into their pasture, they actually trotted out to see them.

I left for work and saw this:

Come on….  Don’t they have any idea that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away?  This is no time to be taking a vacation.


You know how you hear of people cutting themselves with a kitchen knife – usually while rapidly chopping stuff, right?   So picture this:   While holding a plastic bag of vegetables upright with one hand, grab the sharpest knife you own and with great vigor slice across the top of the bag – straight through to the other side where your fingers are!


Completed cooking like this:
because it’s much more dramatic than a band-aid.


I watched a great movie/documentary on Netflix called “A Ballerina’s Tale”.  It’s about the life of Misty Copeland and the world of ballerinas. 

Now go out and have a great Friday!

One step at a time,