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It’s All Fun and Games Till the Snow Comes

Hello!  I am now in Oregon and haven’t finished telling you of my trip to Colorado yet!   I believe I left off as we were arriving in Estes Park, Colorado.  So let’s catch up!  I’ll try not to bore you too much.

We went out for the birthday dinner courtesy of our good friends, Rob and Kelli. 


I had the special which was Bison!  Very good.  Where did that tree branch come from?


And you can’t have a birthday without cake.  Especially when the waiter says this was the best Carrot Cake every made.

And, of course, I believe he is right.

Back to the Stanley Hotel and the Ghost Tour!   You can’t go to the 2nd most haunted hotel and NOT go on the tour, right?   It was lots of fun.  We were told to take lots of rapid photos, because in a series of photos you can ‘catch’ some sightings in one but not the others.  We were told what to look for.  I believe this might be something.

We did hear a few loud crashes (we were on the 4th floor) during the night (not sure what that was and didn’t want to ask because I like to think it might have been some clumsy ghosts).  We did not see books fly across the room or lights turn on and off.

In the morning we were treated to a very yummy breakfast

And because it was a Monday morning, there wasn’t any problem with getting a table.

We said Farewell to Estes Park and headed into Denver.  We went from gorgeous blue skies to cloudy, somewhat smoggy skies.  But the sun was shining on the Rockies.


We had a couple of stops to make.  A fun stop to a pottery supply store for some new glazes and a stop at the Federal Complex to pick up my FEMA credentials that I need for my job.  (I feel so, I don’t know, official(?) ).  Then a great lunch with my sister-in-law and on the road again towards home.  Six hours later we arrived home to some very irritated cats.  I’m not sure what happened to those “barn cats” we got, but they definitely don’t like being taken out of the warm house anymore.

In the morning, the dogs were picked up and taken to the groomer (boy did they need it).  Gus looked so handsome.

Then it was unpack, do laundry, and repack!  Knowing it would be warmer, but rainy, I packed the entire closet.  I did one of those sit-on-the-suitcase-while-I-zip-it-up scenarios. 

I packed all my running gear because I am determined to get some running/training in while I am here.  No ice, no snow, no single digit temps….just rain.

4 AM came very quickly.  We left with a winter weather warning for the day.  About 1/2 way to Billings, it hit us.  Once at the airport, it said all flights on time.  Okaaaaay.   We got seated and were told they would be de-icing the plane.  They did that but meanwhile the little ‘tug’ that pushes out the plane couldn’t get any traction on the ice.  Uh-oh.  Then there seemed to me a ‘mechanical issue’.  The pilot explained we would be doing a re-start.  Ok, it’s alright to do a re-start on your tv or computer, but on a plane?  That didn’t work, so we de-planed.  (Apparently the aviation likes to put “de” in front of everything.

This is looking out of the terminal.  Not much visibility, eh?

De plane, de plane!


Single digit temps, high winds, snowing and there always has to be one in the crowd.

But eventually I did make it and got to see this :

Nana time!

One step at a time,


Going Someplace We’ve Never Been Before

I am home from a weekend away and in the morning I’m off again!  Before I tell you about our weekend, I can’t wait to show you my new sleep shirt.  It perfectly describes me every single morning!

The 8th was Patient Husband’s birthday.  It is quite a significant birthday so we decided to go somewhere new and different to celebrate.  We want to follow this:
But we plan on doing it much more than once a year.

On Saturday after dropping all the dogs off at the dogsitter, we headed to Colorado.  We stopped at Fort Collins.  It’s a very cool college town that is fun to walk around.

Dinner was at a wonderful Italian restaurant
I had the best eggplant parmigiana ever!

The hotel we stayed at was the Armstrong Hotel;  the oldest hotel in the town.  The room was tiny but cute.

But the best part was in the morning as we were getting ready, I heard a “meow” outside the door!  I opened the door and in came Oreo.
13-year-old Oreo is the hotel’s resident cat.  He certainly  was very friendly.  When we left he followed us down the hall….


Waited for the elevator……

And rode down to the main lobby……When we were checking out, there was a small sign that showed a picture of Oreo, told a little about him and then said “please do not allow him into the rooms”.    Ooops.

We found a great breakfast place called the Urban Egg.  We sat down and I was reminded how healthy minded the people in Colorado are.  The woman in the next booth was having a SALAD!  


Not me; some corned beef hash and a shared Mimosa.

We then headed towards Estes Park, Colorado where we were going to stay at The Stanley Hotel.  The Stanley Hotel is the 2nd most haunted hotel in the country!

We set our GPS to take us to Estes Park and off we went.  45 minutes into the trip we saw this  on the corner of the road we were supposed to take:
Hmmm.  But our Siri-wanna-be kept saying to turn!   Maybe she knows something we don’t know, so of course we turned and followed the GPS.  For 45 more minutes, we saw some beautiful views, gorgeous ranches and countryside all the way to the dead end.

Much later, we approached Estes Park.

And the Stanley Hotel.  Not bad, eh?


Just as beautiful inside as you would expect.  The elevator that we used.

I was sure we never shared the elevator.  Something about the word “entrapment” got my attention.

The stairwells were amazing.

I will continue this novel – Part II – tomorrow.  Our stay in the haunted hotel!


One step at a time,