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Thursday’s Thoughts and Deeds

My first days here in Oregon defied the stories I had heard about coastal winters.   Temperatures were in the high 50s/low 60s.  I was able to go for a couple of runs and both times dressed too warm!  But the runs were filled with hills (it’s amazing how hilly it is here).  No matter which direction I head – hills.  So I tell myself “I love this training”. 



One evening I took a lion cub for a ride with me.


I know this is blurry but the back view is too cute to miss.

It was my first time using a jogging stroller and was surprised how light and easy they are.  We went down near the beach.  So many people noticed us.

Summary of Run:

Ooohs and Ahhhhs for Finn:                23
Wolf whistles, smiles, polite nods, sideways glances, acknowledging my existence:     0

There was also a magnificent sunset that night.


Then reality hit.  Or at least normal weather came back.  Yesterday was very windy with off and on rain most of the day. 


Patient Husband sent me a picture of his morning view to remind me of the beautiful Wyoming sunrises.


But we stayed cozy inside.  Finn is on the verge of learning to crawl and loves to try to pull himself up.  He’s not a happy baby at all, is he.


Now and then my hand becomes a drumstick.



He continues to practice his yoga every day.



When you are soooo tired but don’t want to stop playing.  Too many toys, too little time.

The Pack and Play was transformed into a ball pit!


Today was crazy with super high winds, sideways rain, hail, and even some loud thunder.  The UPS girl place a box down by the door and it blew away before she left the porch!  The waves were at dangerous levels and people were advised to stay off the beaches.  It looks like one person has been swept away by the waves when he crossed the barriers.

This machine is a crazy workout.  I’ve been on it twice – for 30 minutes each time.  It’s tough.  But it’s facing the tv and very quiet.

I hope tomorrow brings more off and on rain.  That way when it’s off – I’ll be out there!

Fri   Jan 19

48° /40°F

Cloudy with spotty showers

Hope your week has been good and good luck to all those caught traveling in the east coast storms.  (Joey and Sandy!)

One step at at a time,




Nature vs. Nurture? Let’s Do Both.

I can really get used to these sunny days.  It was up to 60 degrees so what better thing to do than go for a hike!  It’s so nice to find ‘real’ trails.  Trails that are beautiful and can be accessed year round.  The ones near my house are switchbacks up the side of the mountains.  Nice for training in the summer but that’s about it.  Look at this!

and this:

This hike was Drift Creek Falls.  My daughter and husband seemed surprised at my excitement and told me there are trails like this all over!   Paradise!  I will bombard you with nature now.

(I may have to frame this one.  )

What’s a trail without a suspension bridge?  Ruthy the dachsund may or may not be encouraging   pulling me across the bridge………


Miko the wonder dog:


looking down at the falls from the bridge.



Hey – it’s nature.


Everyone enjoyed themselves

Once we got home, it was time to unpack, rearrange, move boxes, rearrange again.  All part of moving. 


It’s always hard to remember what is in every box, but, thank goodness someone even labeled  the clear plastic bags. 

Meanwhile Finn and I watched educational tv

I ran a few miles on Friday and then the hike yesterday and I feel the need to stretch those hips.  Ugh I hate stretching but apparently it has to be a part of my life now……

I hope you are having a nice holiday weekend.

One step at a time,