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Thanksgiving was Wonderful, Technology not so much

Remember way back when, when I said I had a new computer and had it all figures out?  Well, not so much.  I had so many problems this past week downloading, or was it uploading, photos to my blog site.   There were some loud comments, some not-so-nice comments and maybe even a few times where I was holding back tears (don’t tell anyone about that part). 

I’m sure there is some small thing I need to click, but I watched videos, read google directions and clicked and unclicked a lot of things.    The main thing for you to know is that “No Photos, No Blog”.  I mean really do you just want to READ?  Of course not.en


So it’s really not a fixed thing but we shall persevere.  Let’s go back to when you were born.  Ok, not that far back – but at least to last week.    Maybe Thanksgiving.

First, I did a traditional Thanksgiving 5K.  You didn’t know that was a tradition?  Well almost all runners try to do that.  So here I am getting ready.  Notice the short sleeve shirt!  It was in the high 50s.  The expression is because Patient Husband said he wanted a picture of the turkey.


It was very confusing in my house because Patient Husband was really wanting to get started with Christmas wrapping, so at noon this is what my Thanksgiving table looked like:


While the turkey was roasting , I tried a new stuffing recipe.  Now, I know you truly can’t have a great stuffing (like my sister Marcia’s) without bread.  But I wanted to try so we could be as non-carb as possible.  So this stuffing contained butternut squash, sausage, celery, cranberries, an apple and assorted seasoning.  It was really, really good! 


Because of the condition of my table, we had our dinner at the ‘bar’ in the kitchen.  We even splurged with some bubbly.

Ever hopeful:


Let the rapping.   wrapping begin.

Christmas is the time I get to make fun of the colossal amount of tape that PH uses to wrap gifts.  First he tapes the paper to the package and then just keeps on taping.


Just the girls checking out  the outdoors.


Over the weekend, we brought down all the decorations.  I really need to condense.


Then the freshly cut tree…….


At lease someone likes the house filled with boxes….


At least we were able to start the day with yummy blueberry pancakes.


Our local fire department has the tree lit up for us.


And now the “Finnegan Update”.  His arms are as strong as those legs!!


And now let’s take all our thankfulness that we thought about over this holiday straight into December this week.

One step at a time,










Hump Day and Other Misconceptions

I expected today to be a little easier at work because Monday and Tuesday were super busy.  Wrong.   I never sat down or even sipped on my coffee for 5 hours.  But I guess that’s what hump day is all about – so tomorrow should be on the downhill right?

I know I post a zillion pictures of deer, but this guy was beside the road just staring at me.
At least till I stopped and got the camera.

This guy got his picture taken because well he only had one antler.
Do you think he feels lop-sided?

I finally got started on my running.  I started ‘The Galloway Method’.  I downloaded it on my phone and you can set it for outdoor or treadmill running.  I even did those dreaded stretches afterward…

I spent some time this afternoon searching for “stocking stuffers” for Patient Husband.  I know It’s not even Thanksgiving but I have to get started.  Patient Husband always set up this contest on who finds the best and most unique stocking stuffers.  And, according to him, he has already won.  So the challenge is on.

The first thing I did was google “stocking stuffers for men”.  Because where else would you go?  The things I found – well I just have to share.

First,  there was this lovely idea:

         Blackhead Pimple Remover Kit

Lets quickly move on.

How about:

          JOSHUA’S GAME: Especially for People Called Joshua . Seriously?  So does everyone have to be named Joshua in order to play?

Ok that won’t work.  Now this seemed to be very cool.   

SPOKESTER  Bicycle Noise Maker – makes your bike sound like a motorcycle. .  If only PH had a bicycle.

Reminder:  This was under Men’s stocking stuffers.  So this?

Monster Hand Tattoo Sets.      Transform your hand a colorful monster with these temporary tattoos.


I kinda like this idea:

Donut Warming Mug

Wouldn’t it be a great excuse to keep buying donuts?


STAINLESS STEEL BILLFOLD WITH ID.   Stainless steel?  Wouldn’t that be painful?

And finally:

Cover Blubber Food Saving Wrap Set.  .  I don’t have a picture for this.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

So much to choose from!!!!


Don’t you think this is the face of true devotion?



Then there is Murray who thinks my bathroom is his water park.


I hope Thursday is the easiest day this week for you.

One step at a time,