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Boo Who?

Did you have a good weekend?  Was it fall or winter where you live?  On Saturday after work, it was in the 60s and felt wonderful.  We decided to go to Billings Montana to the horse auction.

Patient Husband refused to drive there with the horse trailer.  At first it was standing room only until we snagged two seats when I think the original owners went to grab a hot dog. 

Here’s a little video to give you an idea…..


Here was a mommy and baby.  Unfortunately they were being sold separately.

I loved trying to figure out who was doing the bidding.  They were always very subtle; an ever-so-slight nod of the head or a movement of their hand.  The most expensive horse that we saw sold was for $17,000.  Others were as low as $1,500.


A Momma somewhere would be very proud of her cowboy.  He never leaves home without his flosser.

Then Saturday night and Sunday the weather took a drastic change.  Snow was falling and the wind was blowing 20-35 MPH.   I decided that comfy clothes and this view was just what I needed.

The doodles were playing their own form of hide and seek.  Luna was pretty sure no one could see her.

And actually Jake did seem to be looking hard…

Gus thought the whole thing was ridiculous



What cat?  I don’t see a cat….


I will post pictures of all of the Grandkids’ costumes when I get them, but for now its just my little ghost.   I had a hard time matching up the eyes with the eye-holes……


One step at a time,



WARNING.  THIS IS A TEST.  I have spent several days preparing for this post..   Organizing pictures?   Writing and re-writing a draft?  Nope, nothing quite so simple.  I have a new computer!!

It was a very dramatic moment.    s-l-o-w-l-y opening the pretty box.


The new computer always has new stuff but they also take away things that we are SO used to!  For example, USB ports!!  Helloooo, everything is connected by USB ports right?  Well according to Apple, they are old-school.  So until my attachments are no longer old-school,  I had to buy an adapter. (Of course!)

Then  I had to figure out how to transfer things from the old laptop to the new laptop.  So after several texts and google searches, I think I may have done – well most of it.  I had a few pictures on the old laptop (like 14 thousand) which I did not want transferred.

So that is how my table top looked for many hours/days.  I look like a real tech-ie, don’t you think?  Actually this is actually the look of confusion.

Even getting my trackpad to right-click was an ordeal. 

The next few posts will be the real test.  In fact, if you are reading this – it’s a success!  We’ve had some crazy days and nights here while the weather decides if this is Autumn or Winter.  I got out on the trails twice and I am loving it!  I also know that my time left to run on the trails is coming to a close until spring so I am trying to take advantage of it as much as I can.


I also did some cooking while stuck inside.   Chicken zoodle soup.  Yummy!


and an egg bake.

The sad thing is the original egg bake had sour cream and cheese  (did I mention lots of cheese?). This has been genetically modified to become paleo.

At work one morning, I watched this out the window:


About an hour earlier, I sent this to PH ( Patient Husband):


Some ominous cloud cover:


When the weather clears up, everyone likes to take a walk around town.


I hope you had a great week with fewer frustrations than me!   Now get out there and enjoy your weekend, you deserve it!

One step at a time,