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A Little Bit of Everything After a Lot of Nothing

I haven’t written all week.  This is what happened.  Sleep, work, eat  x 5.   I tried to figure out how to expand on that.  You know, like:  “So I slept well and then I went to work.  When I got home I ate dinner and then off to bed.”  That’s the best I could do.

So I waited.   Your Welcome.

Children must line up single file when they want to go out.



I did find this funny:


Life picked up when Patient Husband’s nephew and girlfriend arrived for the weekend.  We took them for a ride up in the mountains.  We said we might see elk or maybe even a moose.



That guy on the right definitely put fear in my heart.

Then there were these two having a difference of opinion.


We found a watering holes for the dogs. 


When we found this lake in the middle of nowhere, Gus was very  happy that he could actually swim some laps.  The other two just hopped from place to place.  No deep end swimming for them yet.


We  found several guys parasailing.  They waited a long time before they jumped off.   What’s the big deal – just jumping off a big cliff!


Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?   No, looks like a moth or dragonfly to me.


During an evening drive, we saw these big guys.  I wonder if their necks hurt after a long day of holding those antlers up.


And now its time to start a new week.  Here’s a bit of advice.  Don’t stare at the sun today.

This is much safer.

Have a great Monday.


One step at a time,


Don’t Ask About my Health, I Might Tell You!

It’s been a crazy few days and since I usually want an interesting and hopefully funny blog, I have held off.  It’s been some health stuff.   Yes, I too, said “now what????”

After my normal blood work-up I was told they were worried about my kidney function.  Now that scared me.  Because dehydration can cause this problem, I decided to take up drinking.

Is there anybody else out there that doesn’t like water?  I drink it when I go out to eat but that’s about it.  Coffee and diet soda used to be all I drank.  Then diet soda became unhealthy and I finally  gave that up

.– so coffee is my liquid.  Lots and lots of coffee.


I had to figure out how to get more water in me.   First I tried some flavored waters.  First I tried ICE.   This stuff is SOOO good.   I especially like the Mango.


But this has artificial sweetener.  Isn’t that why diet soda is bad?   So then I saw this advertised:

Note its calorie free, sweetener free, sodium free.  Well its also undrinkable.  So I was back to plain, ordinary water.  But I learned a trick.  A straw.  Yep,  fill that glass full and when I use a straw its so easy!   Well all of that worked.  My next set of tests came back normal.  Never did I think not drinking water could be so serious!  I’m telling you all of this because I know so many people told me that they hate water too.  I want everyone to know it’s not a joking matter.

Now we will move on.  The last time I ran, it was a short run – about 3-1/2 miles.   Halfway through it, my hip started hurting.   The pain continued for a week even though I didn’t run again.  For most runners, they suck it up and go running when feeling better.  But for me it wasn’t just everyday hurt.  Six and a half years ago I had repair surgery on both my hips.  The healing took a long time but then no pain.  I have been running pain free.  So fear took hold and I was worried that this was  again serious.

I went to the local Orthopedist and that resulted in an x-ray and MRI.  They saw tearing and a little arthritis.  But I really couldn’t get a satisfying answer from the Doc.  He wouldn’t say if running would make it worse or not.  I got a “if it hurts…stop”.  He also didn’t think a ‘repair’ surgery would do much good.  I was left with ‘do what I can unless it hurts, get a cortisone shot for temporary relief, or when it hurts bad enough……hip replacement!!! ‘

Running has been a huge part of my life the last few years.  It has helped me both physically and mentally.  I can’t imagine not running again.  Patient husband suggested I take up something else; swimming, biking.   But if you run, you will understand that other sports aren’t the same.

I am making arrangement to get my MRI and Xrays reviewed by a specialist.  I just want another opinion.  You know, one that I want to hear.  But until then, I will try to pull myself up and try to figure a new trail (so to speak) to follow.  One step at a time, right?

I don’t want to sign off on that note – after all who wants to read about my health.  Be careful from now on asking me how I am.  I might tell you!!

This is the view when you want to drive to or from my home.

These baby turkeys follow their own pilot…  I counted 12 babies.

These guys (there were 4 bucks) come around every night now.


And now I must get some sleep – Jake has been long gone.


So— one step at a time,



Anyone else out there had hip issues?

Anyone else have trouble like me drinking water?