Running/slogging Through the Mud and Snow

Did you have a good weekend? It was our anniversary, but unfortunately Patient Husband was working the whole weekend.  So we celebrated by going out for a yummy breakfast.


Even though we’ve been enduring rain and continuous high winds, I got out each day at least for a little while.    After I stared out the window yesterday for too long, I grabbed the dogs and let them run around the pasture.


The snow run-off is really heavy this year.

Today I took the dogs to my favorite trail.  I haven’t ever seen it this busy.  Runners, hikers, dogs, ATVs, etc.    Keeping the dogs rounded up was a full time job.


Before the traffic got heavy.  But you can see why I love it.


Then, a swim to cool off.  Jake is finally learning to go in deeper.

Then when I have completely wet, muddy dogs, I put them all back in the car.  What a mess.  I’m not sure how to take dogs on a hike without having them sling mud and dirt all over the car.  Any suggestions?

I dropped them off at home and headed up to a running trail up the mountain from the house.  I ran about a mile into the trail when I hit a closed trail sign!

NOW they post it?   I stood there a moment thinking that there was probably a little snow along the trail.

No problem.  I’m a mile in and really wanting to run, so I continued on.  (Don’t tell anyone)  At first, the trail seemed fine and then…….

I understood why the put the sign up.  Between snow and mud, it was hard to even find the trail.  I did my own trailblazing back to the road and then ran downhill back to my car.  Definitely an interesting run.


When I got home Murray indicated he really wanted to go on the next trip….


After the little mishap last week where Patient Husband couldn’t find me when I was out running, I went to an on-line running  group I am a member of and asked for their advice.  Many use a garmin or other GPS watch, which I don’t have.

The two solutions I have narrowed it down to are apps I could download onto my phone.  The first is called RoadID.  It works well.  You add people that can track you.    It has options such as if you don’t move for 5 minutes, it will send an alert, or there is an emergency alert that can be sent.  All options can be turned on and off.

The other solution is called Life360 and is an IPhone app.  This also has a tracking option.  You can also ‘check in’ at your location.  Both these apps work great so far.  I’ll update you as I use it to let you know what I think.


Did you see this headline?

Frozen hash brown recall due to possible ‘extraneous golf ball materials’

What??  I read the whole article – you know stuff like what states it was sold in, how it could be dangerous to eat this golf ball material, etc. etc.  But no where did it explain HOW the golf ball materials got there!  Were they growing potatoes in a golf course?  Was someone practicing their putting in the potato fields?  What?  I’m just curious.


And now I am ready to continue binge-watching “The Good Wife”.    Have you seen it?  Very addicting!

Hope you have a good start to the week!

One step at a time,






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