Saturday – A Day of Riding

Saturday morning started….well a little later than expected.  Life happens.


When it’s  a beautiful day, this decision  can be quite a conundrum.
(That’s a fun word to use)



So instead of saddling up the horses, we rolled out the Harley’s.


I had so much fun.  I put on my bluetooth earphones and listened to my running playlist as we rode along the amazing countryside.   Did you know that with the wind against you, and no one around, you can sing as loud as you want and no one will ever know how off-key you are?

Here I am cruising along….



That dot way up ahead is PH.  He prefers to go a smidgen faster …..


We stopped to take in the view.



Tonight we had some visitors very close.   This time the dogs were quiet and just watched….


I’m very curious on what you think of this finish at the Olympics.  The winner threw herself over the finish line (reminded me of a baseball player sliding home).  Do you think it was ok ?  This article tells you more.



And now while we are talking  Olympics,  I’ll show you how I go to bed each night.


Have a great day and keep moving – putting one foot ahead of the other.


2 thoughts on “Saturday – A Day of Riding

  1. That finish is totally legit. I would actually watch those races if I knew people were going to be throwing themselves onto hard surfaces at the end.

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