Saturday is Slow in the Snow

Sorry I have to repeat this, but found my pictures weren’t working!

I woke today to a new coating of snow over a layer of ice.  Pretty, but oh so cold.


By lunch time, the wind was still blowing and it was 30º but I decided I needed some sunshine and vitamin D.  The horses and Gus were excited.


So I decided today’s activity would consist of checking the fences.  Which actually means I would walk the perimeter of our property a couple of times.  But doesn’t ‘checking the fences’ sound more like I’m a rancher / cowgirl / horsewoman or maybe just a bull-writer. Either way I bundled up and took Gus with me.  The horses like to follow me around too.




The goal was to plod as fast as I could with big boots and not fall.  Or at least if I fall, make sure to block that fall with only my left hand.  I truly enjoyed the cold air on my face and the views.  This is the back looking towards the “Big City”.  Its way out there, I promise.


And out front, you see these mountains:


When you feel somewhat tired, down, bored or all of the above, just step outside.  I promise – even if you just say you are going to the end of the driveway or back.  Great weather, rain – grab an umbrella, cold – budle up…no matter what just step out.  You will be glad you did.

Now for my cutie picture of the night.  This is the school picture of my grandson Alistair.  How cute is that?





One thought on “Saturday is Slow in the Snow

  1. Totally agree about getting out, no matter the weather ……just breathe deep and appreciate that you able to do so! Especially if you live in such a beautiful place. You rock rancher girl!!!

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