Saturday Rides and Surprise(s)

We were up and eating our ‘phase 3’ breakfast early today. Yes we are both still on our  “Fast Metabolism Diet”.  We are almost done with week 2 (half-way point). Patient Husband is seeing weight loss and I definitely feel better (its hard to know if I’ve lost pounds because I still refuse to get on the scale) .



As we headed out we saw one of Wyoming’s beautiful sunrises.



As we traveled towards Rapid City, South Dakota we saw some unique things.  Its great to know that if you are in the middle of nowhere, you can catch the train.


Unfortunately there wasn’t a depot.  Actually, there were no tracks either.  I just ask Why?

Don’t like to ride the train?  Well maybe you prefer to fly……


Once again I think to myself, Why?

We arrived in Rapid City and met up with Daphne.  Daphne had some Labradoodle puppies she just happened to want to show us.  What would give her the idea that (1) Gus has been brokenhearted, (2) I have been brokenhearted, and (3) I love puppies.  We couldn’t decide male or female?  Chocolate or black?  As soon as we saw the chocolate male, Patient Husband said “that’s the one”!

Say hello to Jake!


As you can see, Gus approved.   But WAIT!   Daphne wasn’t done with us.  She had some insight (or maybe I told her) that I was partial to females and Oooooh the black ones are so cute!  Daphne tightened her grip on us.  She offered us a  once-in-a-lifetime,   once-in a million-,   really good deal to take both puppies.

Meet little Luna:


Come ON!!!!!!!   How can anyone resist?

The ride home:


Gus has done wonderfully not crushing either of them.   Murray the cat – well it’s going to take some time.

Jake likes his picture taken.



Oh no, you say, are we going to be looking at baby pictures for the next 6 months?





Ok, how many of you join my sister, Marcia, in saying “you are crazy!!”

Please tell me there is someone out there that has gotten 2 puppies at once.  And any helpful hints?



3 thoughts on “Saturday Rides and Surprise(s)

  1. Jake is so handsome, and you can tell he has tons of personality! But there is no way I could’ve left without little Luna…she’s a gem <3

  2. Before I got to the last comment, I said, “She’s nuts” ….. lol Have fun and good luck – put up any shoes you care about or pretty much anything you care about 🙂 Double trouble but I’m sure lots of fun too.

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