Saturday Shopping, Shoes, and Shows

I think the winds from Hurricane Matthew hit here last night!  It was one of those nights that you wondered if you’d find shingles on the ground in the morning.  Luckily, the only thing I had to retrieve was a potted plant at the front door.  I wish all the people along the east coast could say the same.

Have you ever heard of Oofos?  I saw these advertised back in the spring when I first had a sore heel and thought they were worth a try for after-run time.  No, they aren’t super cute but ooooooh they feel good!

ooriginal_periwinkle_right_angle ooahhslide_steel_right_angle

They are the only thing I can wear now and not have a sore foot the next day.  So, since I am confined to this dog  house I’ve been able to wear them a lot.  Just letting any of you who get tired or sore feet to try these out.

Here is a Walmart picture for you.  I took this yesterday.  This man certainly wanted us to know he had a large cross to bear……


I have finished a considerable amount of audio books! ‘ Me Before You’ (Much better than the movie), Suspect (good, exciting), Fat Girl Friday (an intro to Paleo), The Wedding (a Nicholas Sparks book), and Missing You (Very good but at times too violent – even for me),  I’ve decided on actually reading a book next, so I’m starting King and Maxwell by David Baldacci.

Tonight I settled into (yes after you have been a couch potato for a month, you settle IN to the couch instead of ON to) the couch.  I grabbed the remote and started searching.   This is what I found.  They are NOT in order of preference.

Sex sent me to the ER     (I clicked faster because I was way too afraid to stop )

How to Tighten Crepey Skin      (I’m not sure what Crepey looks like, but what if I have it ????)

Diamond Elegance Jewelry     Nope  (you have to draw the line at TV shopping somewhere)

Oh, My Sagging Neck       Seriously?

My Pillow        Maybe….if it was My Comforter

Mollie B Polka Party           Too much excitement for me.

It is going to be another  long night so  I’ll have to dip into my DVD collection.  Tonight I have set aside two Bruce Willis movies:  Sixth Sense and Perfect Stranger.

This is the last few days/nights:


A variety of tastes…….


Jake is doing very well – he can move at a high rate of speed on 3 legs.  He has learned if he stays in one spot though, I’ll let him stay out of  the cage.



Gus and Luna dreaming of the outside world.



Just another Saturday night at my ranch in Wild  Wyoming.


Hope your weekend is going well ……  Get outside, smile at a stranger, and have a good Sunday.

One step at a time,



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