Saturday’s Simple Things

Today was supposed to be the last warm day for a while, with the next 3 days or so cooler with rain and wind.  So during work this morning, I came up with a mental list of things I could get done.   A mental list?  I might as well be writing it all down with invisible ink.  I’ve always been a list-maker.  Before a trip I would have a list of things to buy, things to pack, things to do, a list of lists I need to make.  And NOW I think I can do it mentally?  Oh well I digress.

I thought of things like yard work or some easy fence work, or some much needed corral work.

Some pictures of Patient Husband and I doing yard work last week.  Note the high heels.

yardNote the uh…..wheelbarrow.




Now seriously, do you know what got done?   NONE of it.  That’s right.  But I did some dishes and I think I did some other cleaning.  But finally I HAD to get outside.  Trying to follow my own advice of moving around.  I took the 3 dogs out and we walked all over the property – exploring for the puppies and I also picked up odds and ends of garbage that has blown onto the pasture.  The dogs loved it!


I don’t know why but that picture of Jake makes me laugh – the ear, the mouth, only one visible eye…..

One of my discoveries was this rock..   Cool, or what?   It doesn’t take much to make my day interesting.



When we got back inside, the doodles were covered in these burrs.  (nature’s velcro!)burr

Well apparently Jake was not ready to be groomed and his feet did this while he tried to escape.


I considered being airlifted to a nearby hospital, but they frown on doing that for scratches, so I sucked it up.

And then everyone was exhausted.  Including me.


Tomorrow is my long run day and thunderstorms are predicted.  I’m going to try to get up super early to beat the rain.  Or it just might be another treadmill day…..

I hope your weekend is going well.



2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Simple Things

  1. Anne, take both of those puppies into the groomers and have them give them a good, short hair cut for the summer. You will not regret it.

    Ask them to use a 4F clipper blade if possible. You will love it and they will feel great.

    ~ jade <3

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