Saturday’s Smiling, Sliding and Some Eating Tips

When I work on Saturday mornings, it’s an early wake-up.  But  first, we must wait for Patient Husband to get home.  These two are pretty sure he’ll be arriving soon.


I was warned that the roads were bad, but when driving down the mountain from the neighbor’s this morning, my car slid right past my driveway and continued right on past the next driveway!

Yea….sorta like this…..well, not really.

So I continued on (why fight it?) and turned around when the ice quit.  My luck going UPhill was much better.

This is how Luna finds her ‘inner turtle’ self.

She works hard to slither under there, but its her favorite place to sleep.


I think Jack (on the right) is smiling.  He wouldn’t tell me the joke.


I have never had a green thumb.  Never.  But my aloe plant is blooming!  I didn’t even know they had a flower.


Now something serious.    I’m sometimes obsessed   always interested in food and a healthy diet.   Here are some interesting facts.  Especially the part that tells you what you should eat more of:


An estimated 45.4% of all deaths caused by heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes are associated with eating either too much or too little of some foods! Your diet says it all.
Some may not surprise you. Actually not eating some things can be bad for you and that did surprise me.


Here are things NOT to eat:

 SALT.  The biggest culprit!  Too much salty food caused 9.5% of the total diet-related deaths. 

SODAS AND OTHER SUGARY DRINKS. (OK this is pretty hard to believe!)  For people between the ages of 25 and 64, these were associated with early deaths more than any other single dietary factor. 

PROCESSED MEATS.   Deaths related to these were higher among men than women. Too much processed meat, including bacon, led to an estimated 8.2% of all diet-related deaths, primarily heart disease and diabetes. (Since trying the Whole30 diet, I have learned that there are deli meats and bacon that are not processed and nitrate-free) 


Things to Keep eating or add to your diet:


FRUIT.   Not eating enough fruit led to an estimated 7.5% diet-related “cardiometabolic deaths” (heart disease, stroke and diabetes )


Come on – you would have been disappointed if I hadn’t put dancing fruit in here.



VEGETABLES are another necessary part of a healthy diet, with a recommendation of 2½ cups each day. Not eating enough vegetables led to an estimated 7.6% of diet-related deaths. 

Too few WHOLE GRAINS (and too many refined grains) led to to an estimated 5.9% of all diet-related deaths.        (Sorry, apparently there aren’t any dancing grains)


SEAFOOD is good for your heart and brain. Not eating enough seafood led to an estimated 7.8% of diet-related deaths due to cardiometabolic factors.  NOT this fish:


Why, oh why, can’t pizza and ice cream be on this list?  Maybe because I’d O.D on them?

So I can sum this up.  Eat all the good-for-you stuff and slooooooooow way down on the bad stuff.  It’s soo hard to stop.


And now I want to thank my sister, Sandy, for sending this along:

One (very carefully placed) step at a time,





2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Smiling, Sliding and Some Eating Tips

  1. I don’t drink sodas, but don’t eat seafood that much:( I just prefer a good piece of meat over almost anything.

    I live in Florida so that picture of the alligators is: 1. absolutely funny and 2. absolutely terrifying.

    1. Sometimes its best to just even things out like you do. I agree about the meat and really only eat the seafood when I’m on the coast, but at least we try, right? I’m really glad I don’t run on those alligator roads!

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