Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to 80 mph wind gusts, I had my own scavenger hunt.   I was up almost the entire night waiting for either the roof to fly off or the windows to blow in!  Even the dogs were huddled at my feet.


The first thing I discovered:


Yes, that table used to be standing normally, not upright!

Then as I did my morning horse chores I realized our 100 gallon water trough was missing!  We have two, one is filled with water and has an electric heater, the other was empty.  But still when empty it takes two of us to carry it.  How would I explain this to Banjo and Durango?




So off I went with the dogs on a scavenger hunt.  After walking around the property I could not find it.  It took binoculars!  We spotted it … almost a mile away!  Somehow it went airborne over 3 fences and traveled a mile.  Wouldn’t that have been fun to see!



We went out for pizza and beer with friends, Jayne and Hal, and had a great time.  And tonight out again with more friends.  We are certainly becoming social butterflies!  That’s all well and good until Monday when we are starting a new eating plan.  I have spent the last week reading the book and we are ready.  More about that later.


Do you have days like this?



or this:




Its Saturday – give in…..




2 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Oh my goodness!! Guess you will have to put water in both!! Crazy! Look at the bright side…you live in a gorgeous place and you have great friends!! Interested in what new diet you are starting!

  2. I thought our house was going to take off like Auntie Em’s house in the Wizard of Oz . . . watching flying water troughs go by! Dinner was great!

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