Short and Sweet – Couldn’t the Winter be That Way Too?

Ok I’m already done with winter.  It’s Thursday and its cold and windy and snowy all over the country.

Let’s see there must be some good news I can write about.  A lot of my family and good friends have birthdays in January.   hmmm.  There’s got to be more.  My cold is almost gone and Luna Tuna is feeling so much better.    Although she is sleeping a lot, she doesn’t seem to be in pain.  She also doesn’t seem to be embarrassed about the fact that her whole belly is shaved and covered in stitches.

Here’s another positive.  My foot is still healing, so I am not able to run.  So I am not in training.  So I don’t have to think of excuses of why I can’t/won’t go run in this weather.


It seems like the deer are really hanging close to all the houses in this snow.  As I drive to work, I see 10 in one yard and 20 in the next pasture.  It was hard to get this picture, but the deer were actually climbing up on the haystack.


I think they knew they weren’t supposed to be there because when I slowed down….


I wonder if they are thinking this:


My physical therapy is going well and this week I am starting to ‘wean’ myself out of my boot.    Monday through Wednesday, I could be out of it (and into my Hoka running shoes) one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.  Thursday through Saturday it’s increased to 2 hours each time.   YAY – walking in real shoes!

The most positive part of the physical therapy is that they talk positively of the future.  For example, telling me of some great local trails I can run on, joining them in workouts – when my foot is better, etc.  I like that.



And now, just because sometimes you need to sit and watch a cat petting a pig to sleep :


One step at a time,




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