Sights, Sounds and Sand on My Toes

Good morning!

Can we back up a day?  I found my pictures of the flight into Maui.  I love taking pictures out my window.  These clouds were so cool:


Our first sight of the islands:


If that wasn’t amazing enough,  Check out our balcony view:



We got up  early again for our morning walk.  Because  of all the walking/ running/hiking yesterday I just walked fast for the 2-1/2 miles.  Did YOU get out?   Let me know.

THIS is such a morning incentive!


A man at the farmer’s market gave several little ones some tortilla chips to spread around and attract these pretty birds.


Neat, huh?


This worries me.  We are on the 8th floor.


Looking up:


Looking down:


Looking ahead:


We saw this guy yesterday and he almost walked into our condo.  Then early this morning we saw him before our walk:

Then this afternoon while Marcia and I were  working hard    relaxing on the balcony, he flew back.  Then someone (she was pretty cute) came up beside him.  They started locking beaks.  I am totally serious.  It was so cute!

Then oops.  Sorry.  TMI?

Did you know that pigeons are monogamous – they mate for life?   So stop hating.

More pictures of this:


and this:


We have already had some amazing food here.  But the best by far is Hula Pie.

So I need to run how far to burn this off ????????

One step at a time forever and ever,









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  1. Looks like you are having a great time…that dessert was sinful!!!

    Enjoy it all !

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