Sleeping, Running, Sleeping some more

I feel like I need to catch up!  Yesterday I went to have some bloodwork done for my Thyroid.  This is nothing new.  I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in 1988.  But in the last 18 months or so, Its been haywire and we can’t get it corrected.   The last few months I have been incredibly tired.  Taking a nap during the day because I would literally fall asleep sitting up at my computer.  But the results were normal.  So now what?  Is it that I’m running more days, or because I have occasional insomnia, or that I get up most days at 5:30?   Please, please don’t say its normal for my age.


I did get 3 miles done on the treadmill – it went a lot better than the 5 miles the day before.  Hopefully the 5 miles in the morning will also go well.

Today was a full day at work, so I thought maybe I’d do a little Betty Crocker-ing.  That’s a verb, right?  When I work a full day, I only have about 30 minutes at the most at home before Patient Husband leaves for his work.  So I put together a favorite meat loaf recipe and put it in the crockpot.

Warning.  Even on low, 10 hours is too long for a meatloaf.  Unless of course Blackened  Styrofoam is your thing.


I felt like eggs for dinner, anyway.


My task for this afternoon?  Putting caps on the t-posts.  Yes I was able to accomplish it rather quickly.    Sometimes I surprise myself.



Any chance Jake can get out and run, he takes it.  Look closely….NO SNOW!



Its snack time and this is just the first in many, many bowls of watermelon this year.



Time to sit back with the watermelon, cup of coffee and Grey’s Anatomy.  Here’s the daily video for you.


You’ve almost made it to the weekend.  Take a deep breath and keep moving.




3 thoughts on “Sleeping, Running, Sleeping some more

  1. The answer to your questions…….all the above:)) I love reading your blog each morning…it makes me feel closer!

      1. May I rub it in…….80 today!!! Just trying to encourage an Oregon move!!:)). Love watching Grace & FranKie…I am savoring each episode! God I wish I could go to their surgeon…78…she looks maybe 60! M

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