Some Cowboy Times and an Update

For weeks all you hear about are my aches and pains and on and on.  Now I am updating you on my dog’s aches and pains!  Anyhow, Jake’s injuries are all in one hind leg.  A broken fibula, a broken tibia, a broken toe and numerous cuts and abrasions.  Other than that he feels great they tell me!  They will be doing the surgery here in Sheridan probably tomorrow which includes an assortment of screws, pins, bars, and who knows what else.  Then he will be home on strict seclusion in a kennel.  🙁


This time without his sister….


But in 8 weeks he should be running around like his old crazy self.  I know Luna and Gus will be happy to have him back.  They spent the weekend smelling all the crooks and crannies to see if Jake was hiding somewhere and they are barely eating.

img_2650 img_0007

Now on to some fun.  There was another cattle run this morning taking the cattle down from the mountain.  I will share:



If you look closely next to the horse, you will see the working dog.  He was fun to watch and never slacked on the job.


On this drive, they actually had loose horses running up ahead of the cattle.  They loved it when they found the un-fenced pasture next to mine.



But alas, the cowboy had other ideas.

The only thing better would be if I could be out there with them.  (and don’t think I haven’t asked!)

I hope your week has started well and I’ll see you tomorrow!!


One step at a time,



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