Some firsts on Sunday

I finally got outside to run some miles today.  But that is not the big news.  I ran over 6 miles with NO music.  Can you imagine the heartache, the agony, the torment, the despondency?……..  (I had a great thesaurus page tonight).  There were a lot of firsts today.  First, I ate breakfast  and then went out an hour or so later. (I always run on an empty stomach).  Then, I tried a new path.  Actually I started out on a pathway but it took me into town, so I ran around town on no exact path.  It took in a lot of small hills and I ran till it was 3 miles and then turned and headed back.  Part of the pathway led into a park.  We have some very creative people here and this is what they did with old trees:



and one of my favorites:


Another first – I carried a bottle of an energy drink with me.  Just wanted to see if it helps to have something to hydrate with.  I decided I’m not really thrilled to carry anything, especially a 1/2 full  sloshing bottle, so I’ll use my carrier next time.

I may have needed a bigger bottle



I never really felt this good.



Does carrying a water bottle make me look like this?



When I got home, first I checked for those puddles that I am seeing so often.  None!  Hurray.  Then changed from my running clothes into another pair of clean running tights.  Am I the only one that wears them occasionally   all the time?  I guess they are the runner’s version of sweatpants.  Ooooh so comfortable.



Tonight was bath night for the Doodle duo.  So far they don’t put up much of a fight.



And afterward, they race around the house, slipping and sliding.  But then just as fast, they are sound asleep.



I hope you had a great weekend.  Find some peace before you go back to work.



Meditate or just dream.  Whatever takes you to that place.








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