Spring things

-PAXP-deijEI got a little over 3.4 miles done on Tuesday outside before the constant rain/ice/sleet started falling.  Since I was only doing the 3 miles I was able to do all 3 in an 8:50 minute/mile average.  That made me feel good.  Today after work I needed to get in at least 4-1/2 miles and the weather was still crappy.  So on to the treadmill I went.  I did 4.7 miles in Tuscanny (Runsocial) which was a pretty nice video.



I also listened to my audio book.  I’m listening to “Girl on a Train”  which is super good.  I’ve caught myself listening to it while preparing dinner, etc.  I try not to do this so that I have the book to look forward to on my runs.


Since its supposed to be spring its time for us to see little baby animals everywhere, but there is something especially cute about these baby longhorns.  As we stopped along side the road, the mommas and babies actually started running towards us.



While reading about food truths and myths, I noticed a bit about popcorn.  The story is that microwave popcorn is unhealthy.   I think you’d have to eat an insane amount but anyway I decided to look for JiffyPop.  Do you remember it?  I actually didn’t even realize they sold it anymore.  But there it was!


So tonight was the night for my snack.



And yes, it was much more fun to make than microwave.  But if you are looking for ‘fun’ like me by making popcorn, there may be more issues with your life that you might want to look at.


By the way, dogs love popcorn.  Since they just had their last shots for a while, they deserved a little treat, right?


Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Spring things

    1. Ultrarunner2014, uhhh yea that’s snow. Strange when that’s in a blog called Spring Things, I know. I wonder if their little feet get cold? That old Jiffy Pop rocks, doesn’t it?

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