Starting the Week With Some Organization

Today was my rest day from running.  So I put on my compression socks and took full advantage of it.  I finally tackled the ‘office’.


I used to be so organized.  What happened?  Here’s the current filing system.  Items come in the mail or some other manner.  They are placed on the kitchen counter in one of oh…maybe 3 different piles.  When I absolutely can’t stand it anymore (or there no longer is room to prepare meals), I grab it all and move it to a pile on my desk.  I shut the door.   And there it reproduces over and over again.

The office is all clean.  Files cleaned out, new files made and the garbage is overflowing.  And I feel so good.  Like finishing a good run without the sweat.

Then downtown to get some groceries.  I also needed to get my hiking boot fixed.  Something had caught on my laces and pulled out the top lace hook.  So here is one of the cool things of living in a small town.  I take it to the shoe store and the owner fixes it while I wait and then charges me $3.

Then on the way home I found more baby pictures for you.


Then this little guy:


Either his Mom sent him to time out or he is taking the pole position.


This afternoon I did some baking and had quite the audience.


I was scared because I  thought the zombie dogs would attack at any moment.


Of course I’m comfortable, why do you ask?




I hope your week started off on a good foot, so keep moving,




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