Starting to Run and Work Out and Welcome to the New Dogs

Well I took my doodles to the pet store and brought home two new dogs.  I believe they are quite rare.    Czechoslovakian rat-tailed racing dogs.


It still makes me cry.  This is what they did to Jake.  They thought he was a poodle, I guess and proceeded to butcher him.  Little Luna is exactly the same except they left a pom-pom on the end of her tail.  A POM-POM !!!!

The whole way home I couldn’t talk.  All I could do was tell him I was sorry.  I even had to wait 2 days to post this.

I’m pretty sure they are sharing this bed because they are freezing their butts off.

How can anyone look at that face and not say “I’m so sorry, Jake”.

BS (Before scalping):  This is what happens when I bring carrots to the table to snack on.

They love them and could easily eat the whole bag.

Jake sometimes has a hard time getting comfortable, but never lets go of the ball.


We had some amazingly warm temps in the last couple of days, so almost all of the snow has melted.

Except our snowdrifts in the driveway.

This is where the dogs want to be always.

On Wednesday I thought I would start out with my first Shaun T video, but when I woke up and listened……no wind!  So I decided to switch it up and go run/walk on a nearby dirt road.

I took Jake and put him in a no-pull harness.  It really works!  I did keep the leash fairly short to teach him not to cross in front or in back of me.  After a couple of ‘entanglements’, he got pretty good about staying by my side.

Now, this terrified him.

They ran right up to the fence.  I’m not sure where they thought we were hiding the hay bales they were looking for.

That night, while Patient Husband was working, I got caught up on my recorded shows, old magazines, coffee and carrotts while I sat by the fire.

Thursday, I did do my Shaun T video.  This was the 1st in the series (I’m going to try to stay with his schedule somewhat).  It is called Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  About 43 minutes of pure pain.  Not really, but there were times I couldn’t keep up, but I never stopped.  I love the words “Inhale up, Exhale down” because that means we are almost done.

Then today I got PH to go on the walk/run with me and all 3 dogs.  When I would run out ahead and then run back, the dogs got very confused.  What kind of game is she playing now?

Tomorrow my workout will be :  Cardio Power and Resistance.  Sounds sweet   sweaty.

While the car was in for maintenance today, we ran errands and then stopped at my favorite coffee shop in town.  There is one thing I don’t like at this shop.  It has the ugliest couch you have ever seen.

Come on now, who would want to sit on that??????


In Big Horn Wyoming on St. Patrick’s Day, they have a nationally known parade.  It is the shortest St. Patricks Day parade.  I have videotaped it and I hope it comes out because I have been trying to download (or am I uploading) it all evening.  If it doesn’t, go to the website because I believe it will work there.


I hope you had a great week because it’s time to relax and enjoy your weekend.

One step at a time,




Happy Birthday to my middle child, Nick, who always makes me proud and happy.



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  1. Poor Jake, that makes me cry! And that couch looks like they took it out of the hotel from the movie ‘The Shining’….extremely creepy! Happy Birthday to your boy Nick 🙂

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