Summer is Over, Autumn and All It Has to Offer is Here

Did you realize that Thursday was the first day of Autumn?  All the signs were here.  Cooler weather during the day and suddenly the leaves are turning.  I swear last week there wasn’t a golden leaf in sight.



When I was young I never liked Fall.  It just meant that winter was getting close – and I never liked winter.  But now I can enjoy it.  Soak it up.  Flannel shirts, sweatshirts, corduroys (yes, I am one of the 8 people in the world that loves corduroys),


I was looking for a picture of me – but this looked a whole lot better.

Fall is also time to pack away the flip-flops and bring out all the knee high boots.  I LOVE boots.


As I work on the computer,  I am always googling and looking for interesting headlines.  And because I am obsessed (that’s PH’s word) with running and all things running, that seems to be where I head.  So here is a sample of some things I saw and decided to read:

Running Comedy

The Power of Rest-



Train Smarter

This Sandwich Recipe Will Get You Excited For Lunchtime

8 Reasons That Runners Are The Nicest People Ever
                   And last, but certainly not least:

‘Flip flopping’ genitals cited in FCC complaints from Olympics viewers


But because I AM NOT obsessed, there were a few headlines that I saw and did not read:

· Woman Runs Half Marathon While Pumping Breast Milk

I Tried Purple Carrots For 3 Days


But actually maybe I should have read them.  I mean running a half-marathon while … , How could she do that?????    Purple carrots?   Naaa.  I don’t really care about someone eating purple carrots.

So while I was enriching my brain with all this information, Jack and Jill wanted to show me that really nothing is more important than cuddling.



And Gus wanted to show me his new trick – touching his nose with his tongue:


And then Jake …. well sometimes I can’t figure out where his face is.



Now to start your day with a smile, I absolutely have to share this:

Now wherever you want to go, or whatever you want to do…. we’re moving that way, right?  One step at a time.


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