Sunday in Sonoma

Here is a picture of the cute little town, Windsor, where we are staying:



We found this wonderful Omelet shop called the Omelet Express this morning.


I can honestly say it was the best omelet I’ve ever had.



Then??  Off in search of a wine-tasting experience.

I never realized the number of wineries here.  I mean its like ……ridiculous.  We knew we wanted to go ‘tasting’ but since we aren’t in any shape or form wine connoisseurs, we didn’t know where to start.  Um…how about drive down the road – winery.  Turn left – winery;  turn right – winery; miss that turn?  That’s ok there are 5 on the next road!



We ended up at Harvest Moon with Brad.  Because I am kind of fond of a sparkling wine the 3 times a year I might drink, I sampled those while PH sampled the non-sparkling.  I guess that would be just… wine.   Anyway we certainly enjoyed ourselves and walked out the door with one bottle of my favorite and one bottle of PH’s favorite.



Then back on the road.  We wanted to travel a little more along the coast, so we drove over to Highway 1 and headed north.

There are beautiful farms and farmland here that I ooohed and ahhhed over.



Of course off to our left, were these views:


US 1 is a twisty, curvy road and we both commented on how much fun it would be on a motorcycle!

We stopped at a cute general store.  Picked up some saltwater taffy to eat on the drive (as that is another law in California, I’m told).



As much as I prefer the clear, blue skies I had to take pictures of the fog rolling in.



On one beach we saw surfers, sun(?) bathers, swimmers and paragliders or maybe they are hang-gliders.  I’m not sure what is the correct term.  Bravehearts, maybe?



We stopped at a cemetery besides Ft. Ross.  This area was settled by Russians and the crosses were added much later to represent the graves but were not marked with names or dates.



We drove as far north as Gualala.  I kept repeating this word because it was just fun to say.  Try it.  Don’t you agree?  I started to make a song out of it, Oooo lala Gualala,  but was asked to stop.


But not for long.

We returned by way of two roads that took us to Hwy 101 –  Annapolis Road and then Skaggs Springs Road.   I always feel better when I see this:

IMG_0032Especially when no one is in front of me blocking my way.


The other end of this sign said this:


Yes.445.curves.ahead.   I’m not sure why but PH apparently thought he was racing in the LeMans.  I calmly asked if he was in a hurry, but I think he thought it was mandatory to drive it fast.  Anyway what I could see of it (picture eyes almost closed, hand gripping the door, right foot on the brake that should have been there) was very beautiful.  Lots of woods and long range views as you exited.


We made it home safely.

And now we are getting our bags re-packed and Monday we head back to San Francisco for some last minute touring and then grabbing our flights home.

Hey want to hear something amazing????  My foot feels great!  Actually I don’t feel anything at all.  I am very excited.  I asked if I could run across the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow to celebrate, but was told something to the effect of “what are you, crazy?” which I’m guessing means no.

But I’ve got training on my mind!!


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