Sunday in the Saddle

The plan was to get up early but the cool temps and no long run scheduled and it was after 8 when we got up!  We decided to make the most of the nice weather and take out the horses.

Guess what felt wonderful on my feet from the first moment I put them on.


Go figure……

We went to a nearby trail that leads into a canyon.   This would be the first time we took the dogs with us.


They did great!  Sometimes they ran ahead and sometimes following close behind.  The dogs are always running around the pasture so our horses aren’t skittish with them.




At the end of the ride was a great creek for swimming.



Once we got home, it was time for a refreshing drink


and a good roll in the hay   out in the pasture.



It was apparent that Murray was very upset and lonely while we were gone.


Soon all the dogs were sleeping just as soundly as Murray.


I agree with Ardith, don’t you?


I hope all of you had a peaceful Sunday.  We all can use some calm times nowadays.  I send my wishes for strength and peace to the families of the fallen officers as well as to the officers who are out there day and night across the country.


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