Sunday of Simple things

Last night was a long one.  Both dogs were coughing and gagging.  I slept on the floor with Moose for awhile because I wasnt sure if he was going to make it.  We decided today that they both have kennel  cough.  They spent today sleeping. So  off to the vet we will go tomorrow.

IMG_2304 IMG_2305

So it was just one of those days where I got caught up on some reading and some recorded shows.  The hand is still hurting but its controllable.  I’m already missing some running.  After all, today was one week since my race.

There was a Jill sighting today


And just as fast, she was gone.


I did get some much-needed cleaning and laundry done.  I lost count of how many loads.  Patient Husband did the heavy cleaning and anything two-handed.  I’m having a hard time with my hair.  I never expected it to be so hard.

So it kinda looked like this when I got up.


I worked with it for a bit and got most of the tangles out


Then I tried a little “up-do”


Did you know men don’t know how to do a simple ponytail?  I asked for something easy…….


This is what I’ve got.  I’m not sure we will ever find the scrunchie, but Im sure its in there somewhere……


Thank goodness I can brush my teeth and shave my legs one handed.

We did have a very yummy dinner


Its 14º and snowing, so we settled in for a couple of movies – don’t you love the ease of Redbox?

Have a cozy evening,


Have you seen any good movies lately?


5 thoughts on “Sunday of Simple things

  1. Glad you are healing up and Patient Husband is helping. I understand the hair thing – I am having some right elbow tendinitis for the first time ever for no apparent reason and the biggest problem is the hair – lol. Hope the dogs get over the kennel cough soon. How long do you have to not run?

  2. Oh dear…..maybe you both will have to cut it off!!! Just kidding!!! Helpful husband can’t brush it???? How will you wash it???

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